Ecoffee Cup

We Choose to ReUse

Our Story

In 2017 we had an amazing product come to us; The Ecoffee Cup!

with a simple and effective message…

Choose to Reuse!

As coffee/tea lovers a trip to the local cafe before work or school drop off was pretty much a standard routine.

Since using one Reusable Ecoffee Cup over a year we have saved over 1000 cups.

Imagine how much waste we could save If everyone did the same.

Ecoffee Cup

The Natural Reusable

Created in 2014 the Ecoffee Cup focuses on creating beautiful reusable products to combat the wasteful single use items.


Featured Collection - 6oz 'Piccolo' Cups

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

The Green Drop


The Green Drop

  • Bentleigh East Victoria, Australia
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Purchase our Ecoffee Cups in units of 24 for you store, office or as gifts for your family friends